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This page gives background on this website and the District Mobility Project that created it, including more detailed documentation and contact information to learn more.

The project

District Mobility is the multimodal system performance management program for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to better quantify and qualify the state of its transportation system. DDOT utilizes a holistic multimodal perspective measuring the transportation system performance through congestion, reliability, and accessibility categories. Outputs from the data are then used to identify near-term strategies and areas to focus on to help address mobility issues. As projects to address these issues are completed, their results will be assessed and new areas of need identified. This iterative process will allow the District Mobility Project to keep pace with the District’s evolving landscape.

This website will update the performance measures annually, providing a constant snapshot of how the District’s multimodal transportation network is operating and serving regional and local mobility needs.

The Summary Report provides key results and findings for each performance measure and defines a framework for taking action and informing decision making to address congestion. To learn more about the District Mobility Project, including the Summary Report and information about data sources and performance measure methodologies, see the documentation available below.


The District Mobility Project is led by the District Department of Transportation Research, Development, and Technology Transfer Program. Supporting the project development is the consulting team led by Kittelson & Associates. Team members include CLEVER°FRANKE, Commun-ET, Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning, and University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory.

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The District Mobility Project will be an ongoing effort for DDOT to quantify, visualize, and assess multimodal transportation performance within the District. Future updates are intended to allow longitudinal study of performance trends. For more information or inquiries about the project, please contact DDOT.

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The District Mobility Project won the following awards, as of October 2017.

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The following terms are used throughout this site to help describe the performance of the District’s transportation system. Provided below are the technical definitions generally used by engineers and planners, along with the term’s applicability to system users.